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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Setup script and shell command for Pylot

I gave a talk at PyCon India on "Testing Web Applications using Python" which featured my favourite toolkit Windmill, WebDriver, Twill and Pylot. Think Pylot impressed the audience (Great work by Corey Goldberg :) and they started trying it out immediately. Unfortunately before figuring out that they have to download it from Pylot website, I think a vast majority of them searched at PyPi and tried using easy_install. As a result one of the questions I got was unavailability of any installation medium for Pylot. Seizing the chance for me to learn how to create a based installer I jumped on the task of creating an installer for Pylot. Also to make the usage of the tool easier I have added a command line command pylot which works the same way as using python to run pylot tests.

So how to use this? Pretty simple. I have changed the directory structure a bit (Hope Corey doesn't get pissed off :). The pylot directory remains same except there will be a parent directly with You can run the set up command as usual "sudo python install" (Yes mostly you may need to do sudo depending on where your python dist-packages are). Once you do this you will get pylot-runner into path and add pylot to the packages. Now you should be able to run any pylot test case with a pylot-runner. All the commandline options hold same as before "pylot-runner --agent=377 --xmlfile=awesome_website_tests.xml". Your results will be created in the same folder as where the xml test case is.

This is my first script of Let me know if there are better ways to do this stuff. Also I will convert the installer into an egg based one but it will take few days for me to do it.

Gotcha - I have created, installed and tested this on my linux system and it works amazing. So I haven't added anything specific to windows which includes the recorder. I may do this along with converting this installer to egg but it may take sometime. The wxpython Gui gets bundled though. Only the recorder is left behind...

Download for Pylot with setup script and shell command -

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