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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Want to learn Agile Clean Code and Craftsmanship in a cool way?

Reading Lisa's post on Ten Principle's for Agile Testers, I found this really good site Agile in a flash, which gives you Agile, Clean Code and Craftsmanship principles as flash cards. There were around forty cards in that site as individual blog posts. I was going through them one by one and they were really good. I wanted to download each one of them to print and use the for my Agile training and as reference when I speak with others. But going through each one of them post by post is really difficult. I will write a mechanize script in time for that :) but before that I really found a cool way of reading all of them in one place.

If you have Firefox you can install a plugin called Cooliris. This plugin can be used to view pictures as well and it shows it in a really cool black back ground where you can scroll up and down in a Mac style. So when I did a mouse over on a card I got the cooliris icon on that asking me if I wanted to open it. I gave it a try and to my surprise it showed me all the Agile flash cards neatly arranged. Check the screenshot out :). Now I can use this as a way to show these card to people I speak or train.... You can't learn everything in Agile with this but it is a start. Go firefox and Cooliris :)

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