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Thursday, March 19, 2009

JWatir, A Watir on JRuby Experiment

Edited 20 March 2009

I have been seeing a lot of posts in Watir mailing list about JRuby support for Watir. I have always wanted this as I would like to use it with other Java libraries out there. The major stumbling block in making Watir with JRuby is the support for win32 ole support. And by the trend in which JRuby is developing, I don't think that this support is going to happen any time soon.

I found there are different ways to solve this problem. One was using something like Jacob to control COM components from Java or JRuby. But using Jacob I need to build everything ground up by myself. So the next natural choice was the consume the WebDriver's IE driver. I wrote a small wrapper around IE driver to expose that as Watir API and am calling it JWatir (Help from anyone who has better sense of naming libraries is welcome).

The code is available here in watir mailing list.The functionality is really small and supports only text field and button. There is a quirks in running the code. The webdriver's InternetExplorerDriver.dll, available inside webdriver-jobbie.jar needs to be extracted and somewhere in the system accessible path. Once the dll is placed, the test can be run...

The code is still at a very initial stage and mostly a kind of hack. It has practically no test coverage also except for the Google search example I have written. So no serious applications with JWatir for sometime except for developing it further :).

One more thing, I will also be moving it to GitHub soon. Any comments and views are welcome.

Thank you Simon and the webdriver team for creating a wonderful and solid webdriver API.


Željko Filipin said...

And you do this *after* we recorded the podcast?! :)

Sai Venkatakrishnan said...

Dude... Want to make another podcast?? :).

I keep on doing some stuff like this. Can't stop contributing...

Željko Filipin said...

Another podcast sounds great! Let me publish the one we have already recorded first. :)

Sai Venkatakrishnan said...

Cool... But I think I should not hog the limelight. After some podcasts we can think of doing another one.