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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ChromeWatir new release is available!!!

It just feels like yesterday... And now we have a new release of ChromeWatir-1.4.0.

Whats new in this release?

  • Support for element containers like frames, SPAN, div.
  • Refactored the locators and made them better :)
  • More test coverage and improved doc. (Check out the wiki)
This release has been quicker than we expected but a good one. Get the downloads from the project page.

Future releases... They are quiet far ;). We have lots of things planned. Using the Automation Framework of Chrome is one of them. Compatibility with Watir API, support for table and element collections are also in the list. If you have anything in mind, add it to the wish list we will be putting up in the wiki soon.

I also added the ChromeWatir page in the Watir wiki. Check out the page here.

Download the gem, install, use and let us know the feedback.


Margam said...

I just tried to run the example in the chrome_watir home page. But got the same error as Issue 1, that is already logged.
So is there a way around to get chrome_watir working?
Thank you.

Sai Venkatakrishnan said...

We have fixed the bug. The problem is with Chrome not being in the path and returning a null string.

It is possible to pass the path to the ChromeWatir constructor and get things working. I will put the example in the wiki.


Godwin said...

Hello Sai,

Can i know what is the correct syntax to install ChromeWatir?

I tried with gem install chrome_watir but i got the following error,
ERROR: could not find gem chrome_watir locally or in a repository