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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Disabling Annoying Point Stick Mouse in Dell Laptop

In Thoughtworks we normally use Dell Laptops running windows xp for .Net development (Some use Mac with Windows partition but I have feel it becomes extremely slow). But one problem with Dell laptop is the stick mouse. Whenever we type fast, the stick mouse moves the cursor to an irrelevant location and becomes very annoying creating nonsensical sentences. So the quest is for disabling it...

I found a way to disable and this is a reference for people who need it as well myself. I tried to disable it in control panel mouse control but I don't think there is anything there for it. Mine is a Dell Latitude D620, so I checked out Dell support website and found that there is a driver called ALPS - Driver which applies for stick pointer. I downloaded and ran the installer and once the installation completes I think I restarted (Not sure but if it is not asking do not restart). After installation a touch pad controller was available in the system tray and also in control panel. I used this to disable the point stick device as well as its buttons. Now I don't have the problem of cursor randomly moving. I hope this will reduce my annoyance and will help someone who is having the same problem...

For other models of laptop, corresponding drivers are available in Dell support site. Look for driver for stick pointer or pointing stick.


Nishanth Menon said...
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Nishanth Menon said...

The following link was much useful..
a) go to control panel->mouse
b) click to change Dell touch pad settings
c) on the top icon -> you see Device Select (alt+D) selects it
d) Disable point stick, point stick buttons etc.. what ever you feel like doing..
No ALPS driver required for me... :)

Sai said...

Thanks Nishanth.