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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time for a change to better

This is the first personal post I am writing in this blog. Its only partly personal :).
I should have written this sometime back actually but I was a bit busy, lazy and didn't have the resources (my internet was broken)... Thats why I haven't been blogging for quiet sometime even though I had topics piling up.

Well the news is last month was my last in Cognizant. I have now joined Thoughtworks as a developer in test. It has been four days since I started and the experience had been exhilarating (I have even participated in XP Lego game). People working together in collaboration, open culture, Agile and lots of geeks, flat organization, I think finally I am at home. I don't think one can ask for more but there are lots more here.

As an Agile enthusiast and developer in test I think I will be enjoying working here. I will also be using this blog as a place to share my thoughts, experiences and learnings....

Lots of things happening on open source front. I am working on brining the jruby support to firewatir and a patch was submitted for that. I have to start working on porting schnell to webdriver as this has been pending for quiet sometime. Also a spike to drive firewatir through native code rather than jssh will be happening.

My project is also starting on Monday and there is a week induction... I hope it goes on interesting :).

Lots of things happening this year. Hoping for the best ;).

And here is me (giving a thumbs up) in the XP Lego session we had... Successfully completed.

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