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Friday, September 26, 2008

Things I learned in the past 3 years

I started this blog more as my personal notebook to write my learnings and till now it has served its purpose as well helped me share my views to the world.

I have this habit of revisiting where ever I started and see if the things I learned has changed or evolved as a result of my work and increased understanding. For the past three years I have been in the field of testing and here are some of the things whose definitions or understandings have evolved for me as a result of my work, the things I read, people I talk with and my most precious thoughts :). This is not the complete list but something which came up in my mind as I was thinking about this. I will try to keep this list updated whenever I can find something changed.

1) Testing is an experiment conducted in controlled environment and conditions to gather information about the application.
2) Acceptance tests are expectations of the customer.
3) Regression tests or tests created by recorders are tests for invariance.
4) Agile is more about people and their communication than about techniques and tools. (Something which dawned upon me after years of seeing agile in terms of techniques and process)
5) Domain is the core of any project. The project is there to solve a problem in the domain.
6) Speak the language of the customer. Using technical language of the customer will lead to complications in communication. (Personal experience)
7) Don't try to solve people based problems by putting up a process. (Everyday experience by working with the managers in my place)
8) Testers working closely with developers and customers is the most effective way (Understood this even before I started agile)
9) Every tool or language has a legacy. The usage of the tools depend on their legacy (Interesting point I understood. Will write about this more in detail later)
10) Automation can never replace manual testing. (Exploratory testing is invaluable)
11) GUI testing is unreliable and difficult. (Learned this as a bitter lesson)

Well thats what I can think of now. There are lots more things I will remember especially when I speak with people. Will keep a note of them and update this as and when I can

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