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Sunday, August 10, 2008

schnell moved to jruby 1.1.3 and htmlunit 2.2

Update - Available on 13/8/2008 as I have some issue to fix :)

I have been busy for the past two weeks on a few things. So no major work was done. But I found that htmlunit 2.2 and jruby 1.1.3 were released. So I moved schnell to the new versions and ran the unit test... Everything ran fine (Tests are the source of my happy life :)). As well I have added the support for hidden elements. The new version of schnell 0.2.2 is available in the Google Code project.

As well I moved my laptop OS from Mandriva 2007 to OpenSUSE 11.0. Will write about it seperately... I may stick to it as I have everything I need except a few quirky issues (Seperate post 8-)).

Download the latest version of schnell and enjoy hacking...

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