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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Announcing the release of rrd-rb

I am happy and thrilled to announce the release of my second open source project rrd-rb. rrd-rb is a simple round robin database binding written in ruby. I normally use it to visualize the response times of the websites I monitor using schnell.

Round Robin database is an open source industry standard for graphing solutions and can be used to store large amounts of time series of data in a minimal space. A good tutorial about the Round Robin databases is available in

Currently as the code is still under improvement I have not made any release. The source is available in SVN and can be downloaded. As well wiki has the installation instructions. The code comes with an example usage of the API. More examples are on the way.

Sample graph generated from random numbers -

Please let me know your view as well as comments. If you wish to contribute, please let me know. Till then happy coding.

Thank you Corey Goldberg for creating the rrdpy (Python binding) which gave me an idea to do this ruby binding.

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