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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Announcing Schnell release 0.2.0

It has been a busy week for me. Despite that I managed to pull together the next release of schnell. This release has a lot of new features and lots of refactoring done. There is still lot of work to be done but I believe in moving step by step or as in Agile release by release to the goal.
The latest release shows that you must be able to run around 1000 tests in a minute roughly (All the developers are staring at me for not letting them go to a coffee break during the build time :0).

New features in this release

1) Addition of collections like images, links, text_fields, buttons, etc...

2) Addition of non control elements like span, div, pre, etc...

3) Addition of text area (oh my god!! forgot to add hidden.. No issues will be there in next release)

Major refactorings are done in this release. But still a lots more to be done in so I have added a Todo file to keep track. As well I am planning to add it to the issues also to make it effective. Also a few non project issues, as the code base is growing deployment is becoming an issues. So I am planning to automate it and may be share my experience with others.

Planned for next release

1) Support for nested elements (frame, div, span, area...)

2) Support for tables, rows, cells, elements inside tables.

3) Support for hidden (Left out in this release :( )

4) Support for xpath for identification needs to be worked on.

5) Lots of refactoring especially in locator... (I feel some design pattern probaby Strategy may fit there.. Any suggestions?)

6) One known defect -- I found it my self :) (rdoc is displaying twice for each file at the same time.. No time to fix now, so in backlog. Issues added)

Lots and lots more to be worked on... Happy hacking. Expect the next release in next few weeks

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