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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Announcing release of schnell

Tests are considered a valuable feedback in any product development. Faster the feedback, better the product quality. Typically the major tools in the market or in open source space which test the UI for functional and regression testing are dreaded in an agile project because of their slow speed.

Schnell is born out of need for fast automation tools. Built around jruby and htmlunit, it uses watir like API for scripting. The installation guide, user guide as well as examples are available in project site schnell-jruby.

Initial benchmarks show that the test suite with 54 tests, 340 assertions takes around 4 seconds to run. Watir, while running the same suite runs at around 150 seconds (Not bad :)). I wonder what the commercial tools like QTP, Winrunner take to run the same.

Checkout the project and let me know your feedback. Hope it will be useful for you.
If you face any problems, please log them in issues, I will try to work it as soon as possible.

Finally, more volunteers are needed to improve the code base and add new functionality. Some major refactorings and new features are planned for the upcoming releases. So if you want to join, drop me a mail. Happy hacking

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